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The growth of foliar feeding of pasture

Horticulture has been taking advantage of the benefits of foliar feeding for many years where spraying equipment has evolved to apply agricultural remedies including liquid fertilisers to hard-to-reach foliage. 

In recent years there have been vast improvements made in tow-behind spray units suitable for pasture spraying. These allow farmers the flexibility to choose when, where and what to spray. Contract spraying services have also improved recently. 

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Foliar feeding reduces waste of nutrients through leaching

Article by our Technical Manager, Bernard Kimble

A foliar fertiliser is a fertiliser product that is designed to be applied directly to the leaves of the plant. Although the first recorded use of foliar fertilisers was in 1843, this practice remained limited for years. A lot of research has been done on the benefits of foliar fertilising in the last 30 years. Click title to read full article.

Pasture Renovation and Protection

To renovate and protect your pasture it is absolutely essential that you think about the soil biology.  The easiest way to begin that thought process is to dig a few holes and count the numbers of earthworms.  At the same time break open each sod and examine the root depth of the pasture, 2 simple measurements which tell you a lot about what is happening in your soil.   Click title to read full article.

Nitrosol Inventor

The late Dr Gabriel Peter Kauzal, (1903-1991) DMed Vet, CSIRO Research Scientist, McMaster Laboratory, Sydney University and noted parasitologist recognised that animal health starts with diet.  Through research and trialing he developed a formulation that would change the way farmers think about fertiliser and enabled them to improve animal health by making feed more nutritious. Click title to read full article.

TV One Rural Delivery Interview

Dr Christine Jones, well known in Australia as the ‘Carbon Lady’ was interviewed on TV One’s Rural Delivery program on Saturday the 26th of June 2010.Christine Jones has been presenting seminars to farmers around Australia, highlighting the importance of ‘biological farming’ as a way of increasing soil fertility, thereby improving the mineral content and health benefits of all plants grown for food, be they for grazing animals or fruit and vegetable for humans.  Click title to read full article and view video.

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