Who invented Nitrosol?

The late Dr Gabriel Peter Kauzal, (1903-1991) DMed Vet, CSIRO Research Scientist, McMaster Laboratory, Sydney University and noted parasitologist recognised that animal health starts with diet.  Through research and trialing he developed a formulation that would change the way farmers think about fertiliser and enabled them to improve animal health by making feed more nutritious.  In order to do this he started with improving soil structure, the food bank for plant life.  Using his experience as a veterinary scientist, Dr Kauzal combined the discipline of soil science, botany and veterinary medicine in order to formulate a new, improved and holistic fertiliser.  He went on to develop a process for liquefying blood and bone and named it Nitrosol. 

Today Nitrosol Ltd in New Zealand, follow the leadership Dr Kauzal demonstrated when he developed Nitrosol.  Our endeavour is to continue in his footsteps and improve soil structure, animal health and the food we all eat.  We continually look to improve our Nitrosol formulation.  In 2016 we released a new and improved Nitrosol and this is available throughout New Zealand and is exported world wide.  

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