Agriculture Programme

Want to insure the future of your farm and save money on your fertiliser bill? Let our 45 years of experience help you kick start your soils’ engine this season. 
Are you confused about what sustainability really means?

Sustainable farming as defined by Nitrosol

  1. Sustain the economic success and future of our farms.
  2. Optimise the natural resources available and enhance biological processes using Nitrosol while working alongside existing programmes.
  3. New Zealand farmers contributing to growing world and local food needs, now and for the future.
  4. Enhance the quality of life for New Zealand farmers and New Zealand society as a whole.
  5. Enhance environmental quality and care for the natural resource our agricultural economy depends on.

At Nitrosol we believe in a sustainable, balanced future for New Zealand farming. We want to look after the livelihood of our farmers and our unique environment.

We believe it’s entirely possible for farmers to be environmentally conscious, solidify the future of their farm and make money in the process!

How is this possible?

A balanced approach! By offering advice that focuses on enhancing natural resource without un-necessary spending we can help enhance your most valuable asset, the soil, and maximise production and profit.

We take a long term view to our client relationships, one, that is based on clear expectation, accountability and first class support from your personal area manager, Nitrosol Customer Service Centre and your local rural merchant.

How do we measure?

Right from day one with our customers we create a programme that gives us a set of clear expectations for the farm. Samples are taken by our team and analysed by an accredited laboratory to get a consistent picture of how your soils’ engine is functioning and ensure that we see measurable results quickly.

Nitrosol is committed to the success of farmers and providing support that offers genuinely independent advice. We will always put farmers’ needs first!