Sheep and Beef Programme

For Sheep and Beef, the requirements are very similar but not normally as intense as for Dairy pasture. 

Nitrosol has many advantages for pasture but as with other crops, pasture requirements differ from farm to farm, and even the type of pasture that is planted. To get the best from Nitrosol it is important to monitor the soil with analytical soil tests as well as visual soil tests where clover nodule health and earthworm activity etc. can be assessed. With this information we can tailor your Nitrosol requirements in combination with conventional fertilisers if necessary, where gross deficiencies are found. In most cases we find that the nutrients in the soil are already well balanced and what is required is an improvement in accessibility of the nutrients, this is where Nitrosol plays its important role. Nitrosol has the following advantages for the pasture.

  • A good balance of readily available nutrients
  • Fast response due to fast foliar uptake.
  • Feeds the pasture as well as the microorganisms in the soil which help the pasture to access nutrients.
  • Stimulates photosynthesis as well as root growth and health resulting in higher protein and brix production – more nutritious pasture.
  • Encourages healthy clover growth and Nitrogen fixation.
  • Supports natural growth factor production by the plant which stimulates healthy plant growth.
  • Can be applied with gibberellins to extend the growing season.