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Foliar-fed Fertiliser is The Future

The story began in 1975 when a veterinary scientist Dr Peter Kauzal invented Nitrosol, a foliar-fed fertiliser. He identified that the soil, and therefore pasture, plants and crops were lacking vital nutrients, trace elements and minerals. 

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Foliar feeding reduces waste of nutrients through leaching

Article by our Technical Manager, Bernard Kimble

A foliar fertiliser is a fertiliser product that is designed to be applied directly to the leaves of the plant. Although the first recorded use of foliar fertilisers was in 1843, this practice remained limited for years. A lot of research has been done on the benefits of foliar fertilising in the last 30 years. Click title to read full article.

Pasture Renovation and Protection

To renovate and protect your pasture it is absolutely essential that you think about the soil biology.  The easiest way to begin that thought process is to dig a few holes and count the numbers of earthworms.  At the same time break open each sod and examine the root depth of the pasture, 2 simple measurements which tell you a lot about what is happening in your soil.   Click title to read full article.

Nitrosol Inventor

The late Dr Gabriel Peter Kauzal, (1903-1991) DMed Vet, CSIRO Research Scientist, McMaster Laboratory, Sydney University and noted parasitologist recognised that animal health starts with diet.  Through research and trialing he developed a formulation that would change the way farmers think about fertiliser and enabled them to improve animal health by making feed more nutritious. Click title to read full article.

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