About Nitrosol

Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated

Nitrosol - A complete balanced one-step liquid biological fertiliser. Established in 1975, Nitrosol strives to supply 'the best fertiliser on earth' to the New Zealand and international market. Since the early 90's the Company has increased its productivity and commenced to export Nitrosol around the world.

Recently we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the mindset of many farmers and growers towards taking greater care of their soil biology in the knowledge that it will also contribute to their improved profitability. Nitrosol is instrumental in helping to improve soil biology whilst growing healthier plants to provide more nutritious food products for animals and humans, as the case may be.

Nitrosol improves soil structure and soil health, resulting in strong healthy plant growth and healthier grazing animals. Feeding the soil with a balanced blend of nutrients, minerals and organic matter.