Gardens and Nurseries Programme

Nitrosol has been used successfully in home gardens and professional nurseries and greenhouses for decades. This is for all the same reasons that Nitrosol is used successfully in pasture and horticulture.

  • Fast response
  • Healthy plants and soil
  • Reduced fertiliser consumption and cost
  • Great results with abundant flowers, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Nitrosol just works naturally
  • The Nitrosol range includes Nitrosol Original and Oceanic general broad-spectrum fertilising. As well as Organic certified products including Nitrosol Organic, Nitrosol Seaweed a great complimentary tonic to use with all the Nitrosol products.
  • Cost effective and convenient you don’t need 20 fertiliser products in your shed all you need is Nitrosol, and you can apply it easily with a simple watering can at home to the biggest industrial sprayer in commercial nurseries or orchards.
  • Great for the environment with no waste.
  • In professional nurseries Nitrosol can be used for routine nutrient supply by drip irrigation or foliar fertigation.
  • The growth stimulating effect of Nitrosol is used by professional horticulturalists for propagation, including seeding, layering, and cutting, grafting, and budding and even tissue culture methods.