International Stockists

Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Youngpro Enterprise Co Ltd
Contact: Warren Chen, Chief Executive
Address: Taichung, Taiwan
Phone: +886-4-2320-2248
Fax: +886-4-2320-2249
Cellphone: +886-937-242-656
Email: wcyoung.pro@msa.hinet.net 

Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Intefa
Address: 491 Wireless Railgate
Bara Moghbazar
Dhaka -1217

NZ Contact: Carol Mosby



Brand: Wegeners Blood and Bone
Distributor: Rambridge Wholesale Supply Ltd
Contact: Brent Parker
Address: Calgary, Alberta
Phone: +1-800-265-4769
Fax: +1-866-852-5475
Email: BrentParker@rambridge.com

Brand: NuGro liquid fertiliser
Distributor: Nu-Trel Products Ltd.
Contact: Chris Norris, Managing Director
Address: Farm Park, Kettlethorpe
Phone: +44-1522-704-747
Fax: +44-1522-704-748
Cellphone: +44-(0) 7977-104-212
Email: enquiries@nutrelgroup.co.uk

Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: NutriFert Exp Ltd
Contact: Devasish Goswami, Director
Address: Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 248 0731
Cellphone: +64 21+248-0731
Email: nutrifertexp@gmail.com

Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Farm Chemicals Trading Co Ltd
Contact: Harry Chien, Director
Address: 11F/311 Fuhsing North Road, Taipei, Taiwan 10544
Phone: +886-2-2514-7370
Fax: +866-2-2514-7494
Email: farmchem@ms32.hinet.net

Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Contact Us for more information
Contact: Paul Whitley
Address: New Zealand
Email: info@nitrosol.co.nz

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