Viticulture Programme

Let our Nitrosol Biological Fertilisers help enhance the flavour of your grapes.   

What Nitrosol will achieve for grapes.
  • Promotion of a strong, hardy, and compact growth habit.
  • Helps to produce healthy vines that become more resistant to attack from insect pests or disease.  This can result in a reduced need for application of plant protection materials.
  • Healthy vines will produce yields closer to their potential.
  • Expect better fruit quality and size with higher brix levels or the achievement of target brix levels a little earlier than would be the case without treatment.
  • Improved organic activity in the soil, evidenced by increased earthworm numbers.  This leads to improved soil structure and aeration, better drainage, more drought resistance, and the release of locked up nutrients.
  • Rapid recover for vines stressed from adverse weather conditions such as untimely frosts.
  • Maximise the cost effectiveness of fertiliser inputs to feed crops on ‘a little and often’ basis to provide ongoing and balanced growth stimulus.
  • It can more effectively address mineral and trace element imbalances and deficiencies because it is a liquid.
  • Mixed with herbicide, Nitrosol will stimulate a quicker uptake into the target plants and help to accelerate the ‘kill.’  At the same time Nitrosol is helping to increase the biological activity in the soil and that will improve the balance and availability of nutrients.
  • Acts as an effective sticker and spreader for applying plant protection materials.