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Why Use PhloLime?
PhloLime (pronounced flo-lime) is made from high grade (98%) calcium carbonate. Since application of lime relies on the surface area of each particle to create the reaction, the finer the lime, the exponentially greater is the surface area of the particles, so the quicker is the uptake and assimilation into the soil and plants as well as in to the grazing animals or humans as the case may be. It also means that significant benefits can arise with application of a far smaller quantity with consequent savings in freight and application costs.

PhloLime adds calcium to soil and pasture or fruit and vegetables, with all the benefits of easy application. It is calcium carbonate in a super-fine sprayable suspension that provides an effective, dust-free, rapid-acting alternative to agricultural lime.

Calcium is one of the most crucial elements to soil, plant, animal and human health! In addition, an available source of calcium is a pre-requisite to developing the soil biology and increasing earthworm numbers.

Using PhloLime far less bulk is required to obtain the benefits of lime application. This leads to lower transport and application costs as well as less soil compaction.

PhloLime contains 98% calcium carbonate on a dry matter basis, plus 1% magnesium carbonate and a total solids content of not less than 60%. With this high analysis and a super-fine average particle size of less than 5 microns it means that PhloLime will rapidly move into the soil where it can begin to work on increasing available calcium and lifting the pH of low pH soils.

Why Fine Lime?
Agricultural lime is usually applied at up to 2.5 tonnes per hectare and comprises particles anywhere between 5 to 2000 microns. (1000 microns equals 1mm). The fine lime dust accompanying coarse ag-lime can drift away from the point of application, and the bigger particles may take years to break down and actually do some good.

Why a Suspension?
PhloLime is a liquid suspension that can be sprayed through aerial or groundspray equipment and there is no dusting nuisance. This means the best part is not blown away! Being lime, it is heavy with a S.G. (specific gravity) of 1.7, and therefore requires good strong spray equipment to apply correctly and conveniently. Generally a 12 volt pump as is usually used on a quad-bike will not be strong enough to apply PhloLime.

PhloLime will settle exactly where it is applied and being so fine will start to work immediately.

How PhloLime Works
PhloLime creates a reaction that replaces the hydrogen ions, occupying the cation exchange sites with calcium, while releasing carbon dioxide and water.

The soil pH is increased providing an immediate supply of plant available calcium for improved nutrition. The readily available calcium in turn encourages greater earthworm numbers and activity, resulting in a further long-term increase in low pH soil’s pH and improved soil structure.

How to Use PhloLime
PhloLime is applied to pasture with aerial or ground spray equipment at the recommended rate of 15 - 50 litres per hectare. Simply dilute PhloLime with sufficient water to ensure required application rate per hectare. Be sure to activate the spray equipment re-circulating system prior to adding PhloLime to the spray tank.

Application rates can be varied depending on the soil’s cation exchange capacity (CEC) and existing pH levels.

Nitrosol Liquid Fertiliser
can be added to the spray tank so that fertilising and lime application can be achieved in one application.

PhloLime is packed in wide-mouthed 125 litre barrels and 20 litre pails.

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